As a visitor, why should I be interested in your safety programs?

TransVac does insist that all employees, visitors, vendors, and persons near equipment being operated, loaded, or unloaded, adhere to all safety guidelines for protection from known or unknown hazards.

Do you have a government rating for safety?

Department of Transportation has issued a Satisfactory rating to TransVac, LLC in past years. This rating is largely based on accuracy and completion of drivers’ logs. Maintaining records on the entire fleet is the essential key in attaining this positive rating continually.

Do you have a publishable safety record?

You may view our Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Safety Measurement System report online.

Do you maintain a maintenance record of your equipment?

We employ a full time mechanic, on premises, who works with our employees and vendors to keep good inventory of supplies and manageable records of our equipment.

How do you comply with OSHA?

Every TransVac employee is required to complete training regarding safety issues that affect their job performance and responsibilities. TransVac employs an in-house safety manager who is knowledgeable in all aspects of government standards and requirements. All trucks are equipped with state of the art satellite monitoring systems to monitor drivers’ performance and abilities.

How do you measure your safety performance?

We measure our safety performance by monitoring and acting on information acquired from our OSHA logs and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Measurement system.

What safety equipment do you supply?

All employees have readily available hard hats with face shields, goggles, safety glasses, gloves, rain suits, and Hi-Vis class safety vests and any required equipment requested by customers.

What should your employees expect from your company?

TransVac employees are truly valued and given every opportunity to perform their work in accordance with all safety and compliance mandates. Consistent safety education and critical updates are supplied to all employees in order for their completion of their required tasks. All employees are given all tools necessary for a successful career with TransVac.

Why is safety important to your employees?

TransVac always operated with safety in mind and within its capacity to provide safe equipment, materials, and supplies to benefit the daily work load of each employee so that downtime, due to accidents, is kept to a minimum. TransVac does insist that all employees and persons near equipment being operated, loaded, or unloaded, adhere to all safety standards.

Certifications and Compliance Safety Memberships include:

  • ISN Software Corp.

  • PICS

  • Petroleum Education Council